The Bobcat is the speedglider launchable by foot created by GIN Gliders. The Bobcat is opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience. The air, the speed and the fun are joined for a new dimension of flight... the possibilities are growing! The play of trajectories and speed against the relief opens new piloting potential, as yet unexplored using soft canopies.

The expert wing, the FLUID 2010 is the glider for experienced and expert riders. Its precision, its wide speed range and its wide glide angle range will greatly expand your concept of speedriding. Feel the ultimate speedride between air and snow with your FLUID!

It is delivered complete with the brand new specially designed 'FREERIDE 2011' convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners, and the new fast-packing bag. This lighter and more compact harness is dedicated to a wild area use-with a sock pocket for the storage of poles, an anti-puncture concept, an ice axe holder, etc.

Our Price: $2200

Our Price: $1850