You donít know if you should go flying or skiing? From now on this is a question of the past! The new SPEEDMASTER ad the SPEEDMASTER ROCKET from U-Turn are now available. And, as to be expected by U-Turn customers, this new concept is equipped with a unique innovation: The Variable Brake Geometry (VBG).

This is how it works: The base cord that leads to the three separate brake cords is equipped with a sewn up casing near the dividing point onto which a strap can be attached Ė the U-Hook. The proper strap is sewn to the base cord at the point where it branches off. In opened status the braking geometry is effectively in the factory-provided suspended normal status. The braking distance is reduced when the strap is connected to the U-Hook. The bypassed part of the cord hangs downward in a loop and the traction occurs via the U-Hook. The further away from the branching point the U-Hook is sewn onto the cord, the stronger the effect of the tightening of the breaking features and thereby the trimming features will be. In others words, U-Turn is offering two parachutes for the price of one, making speedriding extra fun.

Our Price: $1850